Bass For Vital


Bass For Vital

45 Aggressive bass presets for Vital!

Looking for some aggressive bass sounds? Want to know how top producers create those gritty, screaming, growling basses? Then this is the pack for you! All these presets were made for the aggressive side of EDM producers. Genres such as Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, Bass House, & Drum N Bass are what these are geared to. Get instant inspiration, don't get stuck in the sound design. Find your sound, tweak it if needed and continue producing. All presets have assigned macro controls. Some macro controls will add or remove effects, others will drastically change the sound's character or give you a whole new sound.


Gritty Growl
In Je Face
Screaming Monkey
Creepy Solar
Flutter Bass
I Had Some Tea
Zware Jongens

This pack includes:

  • 17 Basses

  • 2  Keys

  • 22 Leads

  • 10 Pads

  • 4  Percussion

  • 10 Sequences

  • 15 SFX

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