Mellow For Phase Plant


Mellow For Phase Plant

In a world full of fast, loud, and aggressive music, it can leave us wanting. Maybe for something slower, something softer, something more mellow.

A total of 90 Phase Plant presets were made specifically for mellow electronic music. Basses to fill in the low end. Keys that can play a key role in rhythm and melodies. Leads that lead you on a journey. Lush pads that set a mood. Plus plucks and fx too.

Get Mellow for Phase Plant today and make something different, something refreshing, something mellow.


Bass Crushing
Bass Dark Grit
Key Floating
Key The Clouds
Lead Blue Flame
Lead Shuttle
Pad Deep Thoughts
Pad Degust
Pluck Pressure
Screenshot (6).png

This pack includes:

  • 13 Basses

  •   3 FXs

  • 18 Keys

  • 23 Leads

  • 15 Pads

  • 18 Plucks

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